Taken Rank Title Author

1920: Fiction

View Entry 1 The Man of the Forest Grey, Zane
2 Kindred of the Dust Kyne, Peter B.
View Entry 3 The Re-Creation of Brian Kent Wright, Harold Bell
4 The River's End Curwood, James Oliver
5 A Man for the Ages Bacheller, Irving
View Entry 6 Mary-Marie Porter, Eleanor H.
7 The Portygee Lincoln, Joseph C.
8 The Great Impersonation Oppenheim, E. Phillips
9 The Lamp in the Desert Dell, Ethel M.
10 Harriet and the Piper Norris, Kathleen

1921: Fiction

View Entry 1 Main Street Lewis, Sinclair
2 The Brimming Cup Canfield, Dorothy
3 The Mysterious Rider Grey, Zane
View Entry 4 The Age of Innocence Wharton, Edith
5 The Valley of Silent Men Curwood, James Oliver
6 The Sheik Hull, Edith M.
7 A Poor Wise Man Rinehart, Mary Roberts
8 Her Father's Daughter Porter, Gene Stratton
9 The Sisters-in-Law Atherton, Gertrude
10 The Kingdom Round the Corner Dawson, Coningsby

1922: Fiction

1 If Winter Comes Hutchinson, A.S.M.
2 The Sheik Hull, Edith M.
View Entry 3 Gentle Julia Tarkington, Booth
View Entry 4 The Head of the House of Coombe Burnett, Frances Hodgson
5 Simon Called Peter Keable, Robert
6 The Breaking Point Rinehart, Mary Roberts
7 This Freedom Hutchinson, A.S.M.
View Entry 8 Maria Chapdelaine Hemon, Louis
9 To the Last Man Grey, Zane
View Entry 10 Babbitt Lewis, Sinclair
10 Helen of the Old House Wright, Harold Bell

1923: Fiction

1 Black Oxen Atherton, Gertrude
2 His Children's Children Train, Arthur
View Entry 3 The Enchanted April "Elizabeth"
View Entry 4 Babbitt Lewis, Sinclair
5 The Dim Lantern Bailey, Temple
6 This Freedom Hutchinson, A.S.M.
7 The Mine with the Iron Door Wright, Harold Bell
8 The Wanderer of the Wasteland Grey, Zane
9 The Sea-Hawk Sabatini, Rafael
10 The Breaking Point Rinehart, Mary Roberts

1924: Fiction

View Entry 1 So Big Ferber, Edna
View Entry 2 The Plastic Age Marks, Percy
3 The Little French Girl Sedgwick, Anne Douglas
4 The Heirs Apparent Gibbs, Philip
5 A Gentleman of Courage Curwood, James Oliver
View Entry 6 The Call of the Canyon Grey, Zane
7 The Midlander Tarkington, Booth
8 The Coast of Folly Dawson, Coningsby
9 Mistress Wilding Sabatini, Rafael
10 The Homemaker Fisher, Dorothy Canfield

1925: Fiction

1 Soundings Gibbs, A. Hamilton
View Entry 2 The Constant Nymph Kennedy, Margaret
3 The Keeper of the Bees Porter, Gene Stratton
4 Glorious Apollo Barrington, E.
5 The Green Hat Arlen, Michael
6 The Little French Girl Sedgwick, Anne Douglas
7 Arrowsmith Lewis, Sinclair
View Entry 8 The Perennial Bachelor Parrish, Anne
9 The Carolinian Sabatini, Rafael
10 One Increasing Purpose Hutchinson, A.S.M.

1926: Fiction

1 The Private Life of Helen of Troy Erskine, John
View Entry 2 Gentlemen Prefer Blondes Loos, Anita
3 Sorrell and Son Deeping, Warwick
4 The Hounds of Spring Thompson, Sylvia
5 Beau Sabreur Wren, P. C.
6 The Silver Spoon Galsworthy, John
7 Beau Geste Wren, P. C.
View Entry 8 Show Boat Ferber, Edna
9 After Noon Ertz, Susan
10 The Blue Window Bailey, Temple

1927: Fiction

1 Elmer Gantry Lewis, Sinclair
2 The Plutocrat Tarkington, Booth
3 Doomsday Deeping, Warwick
4 Sorrell and Son Deeping, Warwick
5 Jalna de la Roche, Mazo
6 Lost Ecstasy Rinehart, Mary Roberts
View Entry 7 Twilight Sleep Wharton, Edith
8 Tomorrow Morning Parrish, Anne
9 The Old Countess Sedgwick, Anne Douglas
10 A Good Woman Bromfield, Louis

1928: Fiction

View Entry 1 The Bridge of San Luis Rey Wilder, Thornton
2 Wintersmoon Walpole, Hugh
3 Swan Song Galsworthy, John
4 The Greene Murder Case Van Dine, S. S.
5 Bad Girl Delmar, Vina
6 Claire Ambler Tarkington, Booth
7 Old Pybus Deeping, Warwick
8 All Kneeling Parrish, Anne
9 Jalna de la Roche, Mazo
10 The Strange Case of Miss Annie Spragg Bromfield, Louis

1929: Fiction

View Entry 1 All Quiet on the Western Front Remarque, Erich Maria
2 Dodsworth Lewis, Sinclair
3 Dark Hester Sedgwick, Anne Douglas
View Entry 4 The Bishop Murder Case Van Dine, S. S.
5 Roper's Row Deeping, Warwick
6 Peder Victorious Rolvaag, O. E.
View Entry 7 Mamba's Daughters Heyward, DuBose
8 The Galaxy Ertz, Susan
View Entry 9 Scarlet Sister Mary Peterkin, Julia
10 Joseph and His Brethren Freeman, H. W.
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