Taken Rank Title Author

1910: Fiction

View Entry 1 The Rosary Barclay, Florence
2 A Modern Chronicle Churchill, Winston
3 The Wild Olive King, Basil
4 Max Thurston, Katherine Cecil
5 The Kingdom of Slender Swords Rives, Hallie Erminie
6 Simon the Jester Locke, William J.
7 Lord Loveland Discovers America Williamson, C. N. and A. M.
8 The Window at the White Cat Rinehart, Mary Roberts
9 Molly Make-Believe Abbott, Eleanor
10 When a Man Marries Rinehart, Mary Roberts

1911: Fiction

1 The Broad Highway Farnol, Jeffrey
2 The Prodigal Judge Kester, Vaughan
View Entry 3 The Winning of Barbara Worth Wright, Harold Bell
4 Queed Harrison, Henry Sydnor
5 The Harvester Porter, Gene Stratton
6 The Iron Woman Deland, Margaret
7 The Long Roll Johnston, Mary
8 Molly Make-Believe Abbott, Eleanor
View Entry 9 The Rosary Barclay, Florence
10 The Common Law Chambers, Robert W.

1912: Fiction

1 The Harvester Porter, Gene Stratton
2 The Street Called Straight King, Basil
3 Their Yesterdays Wright, Harold Bell
4 The Melting of Molly Daviess, Maria Thompson
5 A Hoosier Chronicle Nicholson, Meredith
View Entry 6 The Winning of Barbara Worth Wright, Harold Bell
7 The Just and the Unjust Kester, Vaughan
8 The Net Beach, Rex
9 Tante Sedgwick, Anne Douglas
10 Fran Ellis, J. Breckenridge

1913: Fiction

1 The Inside of the Cup Churchill, Winston
2 V. V.'s Eyes Harrison, Henry Sydnor
3 Laddie Porter, Gene Stratton
4 The Judgment House Parker, Sir Gilbert
5 Heart of the Hills Fox, John Jr.
6 The Amateur Gentleman Farnol, Jeffrey
7 The Woman Thou Gavest Me Caine, Hall
View Entry 8 Pollyanna Porter, Eleanor H.
9 The Valiants of Virginia Rives, Hallie Erminie
10 T. Tembarom Burnett, Frances Hodgson

1914: Fiction

1 The Eyes of the World Wright, Harold Bell
View Entry 2 Pollyanna Porter, Eleanor H.
3 The Inside of the Cup Churchill, Winston
4 The Salamander Johnson, Owen
View Entry 5 The Fortunate Youth Locke, William J.
6 T. Tembarom Burnett, Frances Hodgson
7 Penrod Tarkington, Booth
8 Diane of the Green Van Dalrymple, Leona
9 The Devil's Garden Maxwell, W. B.
10 The Prince of Graustark McCutcheon, George Barr

1915: Fiction

View Entry 1 The Turmoil Tarkington, Booth
2 A Far Country Churchill, Winston
3 Michael O'Halloran Porter, Gene Stratton
View Entry 4 Pollyanna Grows Up Porter, Eleanor H.
View Entry 5 K Rinehart, Mary Roberts
6 Jaffery Locke, William J.
7 Felix O'Day Smith, F. Hopkinson
8 The Harbor Poole, Ernest
9 The Lone Star Ranger Grey, Zane
10 Angela's Business Harrison, Henry Sydnor

1916: Fiction

View Entry 1 Seventeen Tarkington, Booth
2 When a Man's a Man Wright, Harold Bell
3 Just David Porter, Eleanor H.
View Entry 4 Mr. Britling Sees It Through Wells, H. G.
5 Life and Gabriella Glasgow, Ellen
6 The Real Adventure Webster, Henry Kitchell
7 Bars of Iron Dell, Ethel M.
8 Nan of Music Mountain Spearman, Frank H.
9 Dear Enemy Webster, Jean
10 The Heart of Rachael Norris, Kathleen

1917: Fiction

View Entry 1 Mr. Britling Sees It Through Wells, H. G.
2 The Light in the Clearing Bacheller, Irving
3 The Red Planet Locke, William J.
4 The Road to Understanding Porter, Eleanor H.
View Entry 5 Wildfire Grey, Zane
6 Christine Cholmondeley, Alice
7 In the Wilderness Hichens, Robert S.
8 His Family Poole, Ernest
9 The Definite Object Farnol, Jeffrey
10 The Hundredth Chance Dell, Ethel M.

1918: Fiction

View Entry 1 The U. P. Trail Grey, Zane
2 The Tree of Heaven Sinclair, May
3 The Amazing Interlude Rinehart, Mary Roberts
4 Dere Mable Streeter, Edward
5 Oh, Money! Money! Porter, Eleanor H.
6 Greatheart Dell, Ethel M.
7 The Major Connor, Ralph
8 The Pawns Count Oppenheim, E. Phillips
View Entry 9 A Daughter of the Land Porter, Gene Stratton
10 Sonia McKenna, Stephen

1919: Fiction

View Entry 1 The Four Horsemen of the Apocalypse Ibanez, V. Blasco
View Entry 2 The Arrow of Gold Conrad, Joseph
3 The Desert of Wheat Grey, Zane
4 Dangerous Days Rinehart, Mary Roberts
5 The Sky Pilot in No Man's Land Connor, Ralph
View Entry 6 The Re-Creation of Brian Kent Wright, Harold Bell
7 Dawn Porter, Gene Stratton
8 The Tin Soldier Bailey, Temple
9 Christopher and Columbus "Elizabeth"
10 In Secret Chambers, Robert W.
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