Steel, Danielle: Mirror Image
(researched by Lauren Woodrell)

Assignment 1: Bibliographical Description

1 First edition publication information (publisher, place, date, etc.)

Danielle Steel. Mirror Image. New York. Delacorte Press, 1998. Copyright 1998 Danielle Steel. Published simultaneously in Canada. Sources: First edition of the Book

2 First edition published in cloth, paper, or both? If both, simultaneous or staggered?

The first edition is published in trade cloth binding with a glossy dust jacket. The first paperback edition appeared in November, 1999 (Dell Publishing, New York). Source: first edition (1998) and first paperback edition (1999)

3 JPEG image of cover art from first edition, if available

4 Pagination

226 leaves, pp. [6] 1-25 [26] 27-67 [68] 69-89 [90] 91-97 [98] 99-113 [114] 115-141 [142] 143-156 157-165 [166] 167-193 [194] 195-205 [206] 207-223 [224] 225-257 [258] 259-266 267-285 [286] 287-293 [294] 295-297 [298] 299-305 [306] 307-345 [346] 347-361 [362] 363-367 [368] 369-373 [374] 375-413 [414] 415-426 Source: inspection of 1st edition.


5 Edited or Introduced? If so, by whom?

There are no editors or introduction of the book. The dedication reads: “To the people we love, | The dreams we dream, | The people we become | in loving hands, if we dare. | To courage, to wisdom, | the pursuit of dreams, | and those help us cross the bridge, | beyond our fears, from hope to love. | To great loves lost, | and small ones mourned, | and good time won, | albeit so hard earned. | To my daughters, Beatrix, Samantha, Victoria,  | Vanessa, and Zara, may your dreams | be fulfilled swiftly and easily, and your choices wise. | To my sons: Maxx, may you be blessed | and brave, and wise, and kind, and always loved, | And nick, who was brave and giving, | and so very, very loved. | May all your dreams come true one day, | and with luck, someday mine. | May you all be greatly loved by those you love. | I love you with all my heart. | Mom. Also, behind the first title page, there are the forty-five novels previously authored by Danielle Steel.

6 Illustrated? If so, by whom?

This book has no illustrations.

7 JPEG image of sample illustration, if available

8 General physical appearance of book (Is the physical presentation of the text attractive? Is the typography readable? Is the book well printed?)

The dimensions of the book are 6.125 in by 9.438. The book is extremely readable with large font (93R), slightly less than one inch margins, and appealing spacing between the lines of text. Layout is simple: Author or title | Chapter (on chapter pages) | text  | page number.

There is a dent on the top of the spine.

9 JPEG image of sample chapter page, if available

10 Paper (Assess the original quality of the paper used for the book. Is the paper in the copy or copies you examined holding up physically over time?)

The book is made of woven, cream colored paper. The edges of the pages are ragged and give the book an older look. The first and last pages are thicker, tan pages that are glued to the both the front and back cover.

11 Description of binding(s)

The dust jacket is simplistic. The author’s name runs across the top in a gold strip with bold, black font. Under the Steel’s name, the jacket is black with a gold chalice in the middle and the title on the bottom, both in gold. The spine has the authors initials, DS, (vertical) in black on the continuation of the gold background from the front, the Steel’s name and title is horizontally printed, and the Delacorte Press logo is on the bottom. The back cover, there is a picture of the Steel with her name directly below the image and the barcode following the name. on the inside flaps, a synopsis runs from the front to back and, after the conclusion of the synopsis, a small biography of the Danielle Steel follows. There is small tear on the bottom of the jack.

The front and back covers are black cloth. The front cover has Danielle Steel’s signature embedded in gold. The spine is the same of as the dust cover.

12 Transcription of title page

First title page:

RECTO: Mirror Image


Second title page:

RECTO: Danielle Steel | Mirror image | Delacorte {publisher’s crest} Press

VERSO: Published by | Delacorte Press | Bantam Doubleday Dell Publishing Group, INC. | 1540 Broadway | New York, New York 10036 | This novel is a work of fiction. Names characters, places, and | incidents either are the product of the author’s imagination or are | used fictitiously. Any resemblance to actual persons, living or dead, | events, or locals is entirely coincidental. | Copyright © 1998 Danielle Steel | All rights reserved. No part of this book may be reproduced or | transmitted in any form or by any means, electronic or mechanical, | including photocopying, recording, or by any information storage and | retrieval system, without any written information by the Publishers, | except when permitted by law. | The trademark Delacorte Press ® is registered in the U.s Patent and | Trademark Office. | The jacket format and design of this book are protected trade dresses | and trademarks of Dell Publishing, a publishing of Bantam Doubleday | Dell Publishing Group, Inc. | Library of Congress Cataloging in Publication Data | Steel, Danielle. | Mirror image / by Danielle Steel. | p. cm. | ISBN 0-385-31509-0. — ISBN 0-385-33331-5 (large print) | ISBN 0-385-33343-9 (limited edition) | I. Title. | PSC3569.T33828M57 1998 | 813’ .54—dc21 98-16828 | CIP | Manufactured in the United States of America | Published simultaneously in Canada | December 1998 | 10 9 8 7 6 5 4 3 2 1 | BVG

13 JPEG image of title page, if available

14 Manuscript Holdings

Via e-mail with Danielle Steel: “The manuscripts are in a safe place, though I prefer not to give an exact location.”

15 Other (typograpical information from title page, etc.)

Assignment 2: Publication and Performance History

1 Did the original publisher issue the book in more than one edition? If so, briefly describe distinguishing features of each (illustrations, cover art, typography, etc.); if not, enter N/A

In 1998, Delacorte Press published a large print version. (via Worldcat)

2 JPEG image of cover art from one subsequent edition, if available

3 JPEG image of sample illustration from one subsequent edition, if available

4 How many printings or impressions of the first edition?

Unable to find.

5 Editions from other publishers? If so, list their dates and publishers; if not, enter N/A

 Transworld Publishers Ltd, 1999. Dell, 1999. (source: Worldcat)

6 Last date in print?

Mirror Image is still in print. (Source: Amazon)

7 Total copies sold? (source and date of information?)

Mirror Image sold 1,187,877 copies. The sales figures were submitted to PW in confidence, for use in placing titles on the lists. Numbers shown are rounded down to the nearest 25,000 to indicate relationship to sales figures of other titles. (Source: Bowker’s Annual)

8 Sales figures by year? (source and date of information?)

Unable to find.

9 Advertising copy (transcribe significant excerpts, briefly identify where ads were placed)

Unable to find.

10 JPEG image of sample advertisement, if available

11 Other promotion


12 Performances in other media? If so, list media, date, title, production information; if not, enter N/A


13 Translations? If translated, give standard bibliographic information for each translation. If none, enter N/A

Italian: Milano, 2000. German: Berlin Ullstein, 2008. French: France Loisirs, 2000. Russian: Издательство АСТ, 2015. Vietnamese: Hà Nội, 2007. Croatian: Otokar Keršovani, 2002. Indonesian: Gramedia, 2001. Hebrew: Shalgi, 1999. Coratian: Narodna knjiga Alfa, 2003. Korean: K'ŭn Namu, 2008. Spanish: Planeta DeAgostini, 2006. Polish: Amber, 2010. Portuguese: Record, 2009. Korean: 큰나무, no date listed. Hungarian: Mæcenas, 2002. Finish: WSOY, 2003. Telugu: Sahiti Prachuranalu, 2013. Turkish: Epsilon, 1999. Romanian: Editura Lider, 1998.

14 Serialization? If serialized, give standard bibliographic information for serial publication. If none, enter N/A


15 Sequels/Prequels? Give standard bibliographic information for each. If none, enter N/A


Assignment 3: Biographical Sketch of the Author

1 Paste your biographical sketch here (maximum 500 words)

Danielle Steel is a name that continuously graces bestsellers list and even at the age of seventy, still appears. Generations of women have read her books and continue to read them to this day. In total, as of 2018, Steel has written a total of one-hundred-thirty-seven books. She has written seventeen children’s books, one book of poems, three non-fiction books, and a staggering one-hundred-sixteen stand-alone novels (Book Series in Order). Of her stand-alone novels, Mirror Image, published in 1998, was her forty-fifth novel released and one of the four books Steel released that year. Along with Mirror Image, Steel published The Long Road Home and the Klone and I over the course of 1998. More importantly though, Steel released in 1998 what she believes to be her most meaningful book, a nonfiction book about her late son Nick, titled His Bright Light. During an interview, Steel is quoted saying, “the most personally meaningful is the one I wrote about my son Nick, His Bright Light, who died at 19. He was bipolar all his life and committed suicide. I wrote the book to honor him, and help parents of similar children” (NY Times). However, in 1998, after completing Mirror Image, Mirror Image was Steel’s favorite book: “The favorite [book] I’ve written is always the one I’m currently writing or just finished” (NY Times). However, her now favorite book would be her most recent release, Country.

Danielle Steel’s Mirror Image is one of her many historical novels and is based during the World War I era. The book centers around two women, twenty–one years of age, who are identical twin sisters— barely to be told apart. Olivia is the picture perfect, early twentieth century, domestic woman while Victoria is free-spirited and only grounded by the cause of women’s suffrage. When Victoria gets caught up in a scandal that threatens to shame the Henderson family name, as well as her own, both girl’s life are turned upside down. As one twin winds up in the French trenches of war and the other is thrust into a marriage, Danielle Steel provides another one of her signature tear jerking novels weaving heartbreak, twists, birthing, war, and death into a novel only Steel could imagine up.

Danielle Steel is a woman who shies away from the limelight despite her fame: “Given her status as a published wunderkind, Danielle has somehow managed to remain a shadow to her work, rarely stepping out to reveal herself” (Bane and Benet 2). Through analysis of her four marriages and the family she mothered, there is little connection between Mirror Image to her own life. There is a connection to Steel’s life as she spent a significant amount of her education at Parson’s School of Design in France, consequently, it could be argued that her choice of a setting in France was inspired by her education years though it is more plausible that she chose France for the historical accuracy.  However, the character of Olivia, a woman who is domestic in every sense of the word and has no qualms with being so, does slightly resemble Steel herself: “The image she prefers is that of a wife and mother whose days revolve around her husband, her children, and then her writing” (Bane and Benet, 2) Like Olivia, Steel’s life revolves around her family and being the woman they need her to be and then her writing comes second.

Assignment 4: Reception History

1 Paste contemporary reception history in here (maximum 500 words)

2 Paste subsequent reception history in here (maximum 500 words)

Assignment 5: Critical Analysis

1 Paste your critical analysis in here (maximum 2500 words)

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